Who are you Guys?!

So you’re curious who we are? Well actually there is no "we." I'm just one person. I'm a recovering alcoholic slash drug addict. Truth be told, I lost my way to addiction a very long time ago, and today I’m doing everything I can to insure my course from here on is a steady and wayward one, but only one day at a time. In the past I’ve tried many things to keep from repeating negative behaviors. I’ve tried leaving my home town for other parts of the country, I’ve substituted various behaviors and substances for others while hoping to keep my life manageable, I’ve placed myself in rehabs and even given religion a try. Unfortunately my life always ended up pretty much the same, in a jail, hospital or some otherwise miserable circumstance with virtually nothing to show for my few accomplishments in life.

There finally came a point when I realized the pain of my addictive behaviors was no longer worth the diminishing rewards it offered. As that pain increased, and the fear of repeating the same mistakes finally superseded my unwillingness to make life-long changes, I began working a spiritual 12 step program. The long term pain was finally worse than the short term pleasures that addiction offered. Things didn’t necessarily get better at first, but slowly over time, I managed to regain some of what I had left behind so long ago. By practicing the spiritual principles that I've learned through literature and sponsorship, I've learned what it means to have personal relations and a selfless outlook to the world around me. Alongside my new found spiritual program, I began building this website. At best, it started out mostly as a weekend project, collecting quotes, images and articles here and there off the Internet. I’d like to think that it has matured along side me as my experience in the program has grown.

I suppose that if I’m able to help just one person in some small way, then my many hours of labor have all been worth it. Please feel free to drop me line on the contact form and let me know what you think. I appreciate all feedback and constructive criticism you have to offer. Thanks for visiting and god bless!

Recovery doesn't happen to those who need it, but rather those who want it Recovery doesn't happen to those who need it, but rather those who want it. Recovery doesn't happen to those who need it, but rather those who want it