Daily Reflections

Daily reading from the book Daily Reflections ©Alcoholics Anonymous

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The Twelve Steps

These are the 12 steps as originally written in Alcoholics Anonymous

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12 Step Galleries

These are collections of 12 step images from all over the web.  We hope you enjoy!

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12 Step Planet

This site is dedicated to serving others by sharing our experience strength and hope and our understanding of the twelve step program.  We are alcoholic, and in general, addicted to whatever makes us feel better.

It is only through building a personal relationship with a power greater than ourselves that we have been able to recovery from alcoholism and the many other afflictions that ail us.

We hope that in some small way that we are able to serve others and aid in their recovery by means of our ability to share information about various 12 step programs as well as by telling our stories of what it was like, what happened and what it is like now.

God Bless and please stay connected.  We need you!

Bill Wilson

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