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Bev F. – Pacific National Regional Conv

CA Speaker Bev F. from San Jose, CA speaking at the Pacific National Regional Convention in Edmonton, Alberta – April…

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Chris R. – Cocaine Anonymous Workshop

CA Speaker Chris R. from Ingram, Texas speaking at a Cocaine Anonymous Workshop in Toronto, Canada – May 31st, 2008…

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D.J. S. – Conscious Contact Group, 2004

CA Speaker D.J. S. from Ingram, TX speaking at Conscious Contact Group – March 1st, 2004 – 32bps CA Speaker…

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Earl H. – Recovery in the Rockies

CA Speaker Earl H. from Los Angeles, CA speaking at the Recovery in the Rockies VII Convention in Snowbird, UT…

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Earnest M. – Recovery in the Rockies XVII 2006

CA Speaker Earnest M. from Oakland, California speaking at a Recovery in the Rockies XVII in Park City, UT –…

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Eddie G. – Bradford Treatment Facility, 2009

CA Speaker Eddie G. from Birmingham, AL speaking at the Bradford Treatment Facility in Warrior, AL – May 5th, 2009

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Twelve Step Planet’s CA speaker tape audio collection is full of awesome speakers from Cocaine Anonymous. We have funny / humorous speaker audio, serious CA speakers, but most of all, we have CA speaker audio from recovering addicts that are serious about recovery. Whether you can’t make a meeting or just want to relax and listen to some great CA speaker tapes, 12 Step Planet is a great place to come and get a full dose of recovery.

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