NA Basic Text

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Many of us have never known recovery without the Basic Text. Our meetings open with readings found in its pages; it sits on the literature tables in our groups; and the book itself has been a constant in our recovery through the months or years or decades. Since the first edition of Narcotics Anonymous, our Basic Text, was published, NA has grown and changed in countless ways. In many respects, the Basic Text has been instrumental in that evolution. There are more than 58,000 weekly NA meetings today; in 1982, the year the World Service Conference approved the Basic Text, there were about 2,700. Most places in the world did not offer an NA meeting every night of the week. In fact, most places didn’t offer a meeting any night of the week. Now NA is in 131 countries and we speak 65 languages. The Basic Text itself is translated into twenty languages.

Click here to view or download the Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text in .odf format.

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