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You Can Throw A Safe, Fun Halloween Party

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Now that the leaves are changing color, Halloween is coming soon. This uniquely American holiday has so much going for it: candy, costumes, jack-o’-lanterns, and much more. Chances are, you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party or heading to one.


However, this holiday is not without its risks. You want to have some spooky fun, but things can go very wrong if you’re not careful. Read on to learn more about how you can have a fun but safe Halloween party this year. It starts by knowing how adults can protect themselves.

halloween pumpkin
Image Source: Pixabay

Halloween Isn’t Just For Kids

Sure, this holiday started as just for kids, but these days, adults can dress up and have fun too. Halloween parties are great for adults, but the Huffington Post has a list of Halloween party safety tips you should follow, including:

  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers. If you cannot decline without being rude, take it and discretely throw it out.
  • Eat and hydrate before any Halloween party to decrease your chance of getting sick from too much candy or alcohol.
  • Never walk around alone in the dark. Instead, arrive and leave with a group of trusted friends.
  • Fully charge your phone before heading out so you can use it in an emergency.


When it comes to costumes, adults have to be careful as well. The FDA lists a few tips to keep your costume safe but fun this Halloween:

  • Instead of a mask that restricts your vision, use makeup. Just test some on your skin first to ensure it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction.
  • Make sure any store-bought costume is made of fire-retardant material.
  • If you’re heading out at night, keep something reflective on you so cars can easily spot you in the dark. (That’s especially true if your costume is dark.)
  • Weird contact lenses are cool, but you should visit an eye doctor beforehand so you know if they are safe for your eyes in particular.

Considering Sober Friends

Those Halloween parties can be a little rough at times, but they are worse for someone recovering from addiction. If you are throwing a Halloween party for adults, you’ll want to offer some sober options so everyone feels welcome and can have fun. For example, you’ll want to put the focus on food, not drinks. You’ll also need some icebreakers and activities.


NVRAP.com has a great page explaining some other ways to have a fun but sober Halloween, such as:

  • Host a Halloween movie night with some classic or new scary movies.
  • Thanksgiving isn’t too far away, so you can host a food drive.
  • Look at sites like Pinterest to find Halloween activities such as making snacks, crafts, and more.
  • Go to a dance club that doesn’t serve alcohol (or at least isn’t completely focused on that).
  • Hold a costume contest at your home.
  • Search online for ghost tours nearby and hear some true but scary stories about your hometown.

Games & Activities

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or heading out for one, adults need something to do. Kid games just won’t cut it, but thankfully, Vivomasks.com has a list of adult Halloween party games. Some of these include:

  • Avoid saying the word “Halloween.” Whoever says it the most is the loser.
  • Host a murder mystery dinner party by buying one online or creating your own.
  • Create a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt around town.
  • Run a horror movie trivia night followed by 1-2 of those horror movies.


If you want a more creative activity, you could also play horror-themed board games or create scary stories around a bonfire in the backyard. Just be sure to keep a safe distance from the fire.

Make Your Halloween Safe This Year

Halloween should be a fun time for adults, but it should also be a safe time as well. Be sure to stay in groups and be careful about your costume. Offer some sober activities for those who are not drinking, and be creative about your party plans. After all, Halloween shouldn’t really be scary.

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