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Ruth P., Zena P., Pete R., Leean G., Chris L. & Andy J.

NA Speakers Ruth P., Zena P., Pete R., Leean G., Chris L. and Andy J. speaking at the 2nd Anniversary…

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Sam A. – 15th CVACNA in Burlington 2004

NA Speaker Sam A. from New Haven, CT speaking as the Saturday night banquet speaker at the fifteenth CVACNA in…

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Sydney R. – Philadelphia Regional NA Convention

NA Speaker Sydney R. from Los Angeles, CA speaking at the 1984 Philadelphia Regional Narcotics Anonymous Convention – 1984

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Yo Steve B. – California 2002

NA Speaker “Yo” Steve B. speaking in the state of California in 2002. This Narcotics Anonymous speaker audio is in…

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Twelve Step Planet’s Narcotics Anonymous speaker tape audio collection is full of awesome speakers from NA. We have funny / humorous NA speaker audio, serious Narcotics Anonymous speakers, but most of all, we have Narcotics Anonymous speaker audio from recovering addicts that are serious about recovery. Whether you can’t make a meeting or just want to relax and listen to some great NA speaker tapes, 12 Step Planet is a great place to come and get a full dose of recovery.

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