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New Day, New Hope

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New Day, New Hope

All addicts and alcoholics can find hope in recovery. The pain of active addiction does subside as you invest time and energy into your recovery. If things are bad now, they can only get better with continued sobriety. No matter what you’ve lost, you only stand to gain things back. I know people with multiple felonies who have spent years in prison, only to create an entirely new life of freedom and happiness after getting sober. I know people who got their children back after losing them, who reestablished ties with estranged family members, and who fixed their damaged marriages. People who found the job they always wanted, and who went from living under a bridge to a proper house. Hope is the emotion that carried them to their happier lives.

Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today. If you’re struggling in recovery now, just know that things will get better the longer you stay clean, sober, and work a program of recovery. Your recovery is always growing and changing along with you. The way things are now isn’t the way things will always be. The obsession with drugs and alcohol fades with continued sobriety. Don’t let the thoughts of relapse ever cause you to lose hope!

With every new day comes new hope! Good morning everyone. Stay connected!


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